BASF launches new products for paint and coatings that keep building exteriors clean, durable, and improve carbon footprints

BASF is launching two new polymer dispersion products in the Indian market at Paint India 2016 in Mumbai. The two products - Acronal® 7079 and AQAcell® HIDE 6299 - are designed for paint and coatings to help keep building exteriors clean and durable and improve carbon footprints through reduction of titanium dioxide (TiO2). A broad spectrum of BASF's dispersions and resins products will also be on display at the show.

"As a leading supplier along the paints and coatings value chain, experts at BASF's research and development center in Shanghai, together with our teams all over the world, are committed to innovation in paint and coating solutions that fits the challenging environment in Asia Pacific. BASF's low volatile organic compounds, low odor and high durable solutions not only help protect health and provide protection and resistance against weathering elements, but also meet the increasingly more stringent environmental standards," said Jeff Knight, Senior Vice President, Dispersions and Resins Asia Pacific, BASF.

Pidilite Paint India Booth

Staying clean and durable with elastomeric wall coating - Acronal® 7079
For the first time, the new full acrylic polymer dispersions Acronal® 7079 will be introduced in India. Featuring BASF's state-of-the-art technology with 3-dimensional cross-linking structure, it helps prevent formation of cracks and create a good water barrier property and water vapor permeability. With the use of the latest technology, Acronal® 7079 is ideal for clean and durable elastomeric wall coating. The systematic ultraviolet cross-link and good thickener response make it excellent in weathering and dirt pickup resistance.

Optimizing carbon footprint while reducing costs - AQAcell®
BASF Architecture Coatings
The organic opacifying polymer, AQAcell® HIDE 6299 will also be launched during the show. It is designed to provide opacity and whiteness to paints in architectural coatings by extending and/or improving the efficiency of TiO2. It helps reduce the amount of TiO2 in the formulation without sacrificing performance. With its low odor, it can be used in both exterior and interior paints.

In addition, BASF will also showcase a broad range of product offerings for the paint and coating industry. These include resins, additives, pigments, and dispersions. The portfolio also encompasses the latest generation of water based dispersions and additives, which reinforce BASF's commitment to grow sustainably in this industry.

NBMCW February 2016