Talrak Construction Chemicals, incorporated in 2014, provides world-class construction chemicals to the Indian Construction and Infrastructure industry. It offers innovative and customer-oriented advanced and sustainable construction solutions to the Indian market. Its robust product range is complemented by its Sell & Support service policy driving the sales and technical service teams.

Construction solutions are provided by a comprehensive range of more than 100 products across categories such as Waterproofing, New Generation Concrete Admixtures & Surface Treatments, Concrete Aids, Grouts & Anchors, Remedial Engineering Products, Flooring Products, and Ultra High-Performance Concrete Premix for manufacturing concrete of strength exceeding 100 MPa.

The company aims to cater to every type of civil engineering construction and maintenance projects with quality products and services based on total quality system from materials to operations, for which it has all the necessary procedures in place.

Now that the company has obtained the ISO 9001-2008 certification for corporate office as well as the manufacturing facility, the systems adapted by the company have been endorsed by BVQI, a reputed International third party certifying agency.

With every department of the organization adding value to the final product, directly or indirectly, the focus is on customer satisfaction. This has made the organization truly system driven rather than being driven, individually.

The company is working towards updating the ISO Certification as per the revised version ISO 9001:2015, at the earliest. This will ensure standardization of products, systems, and procedures.

NBM&CW July 2017