Kent Godbersen, Vice President of Worldwide Sales & Marketing, GOMACO
Kent Godbersen, Vice President of Worldwide Sales & Marketing, GOMACO

The GOMACO GP-2400 slipform paver has been designed for the concrete market’s small to mid-size projects. It is equipped with GOMACO’s open-front mold and paves a variety of widths upto 7.5 meters. Contractors in India and around the world are benefiting from the many features of the GP-2400 and are requesting it on their projects for quality concrete pavement with its cost-effective job-to-job mobility and versatility.

GOMACO has designed a new dowel bar inserter to attach to the GP-2400 to create a complete paving system. GOMACO’s dowel bar insertion technology has always featured industry-leading technology with the most accurate bar placement and consistent concrete consolidation around the bar. The GP-2400 with DBI (dowel bar inserter) can slipform widths upto 5.5 meters and features modular segments that can be inserted or removed for width changes.

The GOMACO DBI provides the ultimate finish after bar insertion. The process includes a tamper bar, unique oscillating straightedge, paving pan and stainless that together finishes and seals the marked concrete after insertion. Power for the DBI has been integrated into the GP-2400’s Caterpillar diesel engine, eliminating the need for an auxiliary power unit.

The bar insertion process is managed by the exclusive GOMACO G+® control system. The operator-friendly G+ control screen presents the DBI information in full color, commands are presented in full text, and it is able to operate in multiple languages. The G+ also offers troubleshooting capabilities along with many exclusive features to make start up and general paving each day faster and easier.

“There are a great number of projects suited for our GP-2400 in India. We have seen increased customer demand in this market segment. The GP-2400 with DBI enhances the single pass paving operation while providing the capability to insert dowel bars on-the-go without stopping your paver. This is extremely beneficial for increased production, better smoothness and profitability in the India market,” said Kent Godbersen, GOMACO’s Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing.

GOMACO Corporation ( is the worldwide leader in concrete construction equipment with headquarters in Ida Grove, Iowa, USA. GOMACO equipment will slipform concrete streets and highways, airport runways, curb and gutter, sidewalks and recreational trails, safety barrier, bridge parapet, and irrigation canals. Support equipment includes grade trimmers, concrete placers, concrete placer/spreaders, and texturing and curing machines. The company also offers equipment to finish flat slabs, bridges, and slopes. GOMACO will consult on unique concrete paving applications and equipment needs. Products are offered through a worldwide distributor network for local sales, parts and service expertise.

NBM&CW November 2017