Construction Tools and Machines from Husqvarna
Husqvarna Construction Products displayed its range of Machines and tools for wire sawing, surface preparation, handheld power cutting, and demolition robots.

Husqvarna diamond wires uses injected synthetic rubber and springs for assembly, and they are engineered for use with a variety of materials and applications. A synthetic rubber wire is very flexible, making it easy to use, and minimizes the risk of uneven wear to the wire beads. The wires have at least 40 beads per metre; more beads per metre means increased contact between the cutting diamonds and the wire, resulting in higher speed and increased product life.

Husqvarna remote-controlled demolition robots are the very latest machines, and have a high power, low weight and functional design. They are the obvious choice for users who want manoeuvrability, yet powerful and stable machines with long reach – the USP of these machines is that they can go where no other machine can; for example, they can be transported in an elevator into a high-rise building or into a tunnel where a full sized excavator cannot go. These machines are electrically powered; so there is no fear of emissions from a traditional combustion engine.

Mr. Siddharth Dhawan, Sales Manager India & Sri Lanka, Husqvarna (India)
Mr. Siddharth Dhawan, Sales Manager India & Sri Lanka, Husqvarna (India), said, “We are looking for business opportunities in India with our range of construction solutions that enable high performance and durability. Our prime focus is in the jobs allotted by the government for infrastructure development and private enterprises involved with construction and demolition. All our products, whether machines or diamond tools, are manufactured by Husqvarna in its own factories across the world and we can, therefore, optimise the performance of both: Machines and Tools – thereby, giving the best value to our customers”

He informed that Husqvarna will take a two-pronged approach for business promotion and after-sales supportthrough their in-house sales team and dealers.

NBM&CW January 2018