ThyssenKrupp Industries India will provide customized crushing & screening solutions for better product shape and higher conveyor stock pile design.

Thyssenkrupp Crushers
Siva Thyssenkrupp
ThyssenKrupp Industries India, after acquiring the intangible assets of Nawa Industries, South Indian crushing and screening major in February 2016, involving, IP, product design, reference and product trade mark, will broaden crushing and screening equipment offerings.

Explaining the strategy of product offering Mr. Sivasubramanian, MD, ThyssenKrupp Industries India says, "Backed by the acquisition, we will differentiate products on the pricing. We have both price competitive and premium offerings. The cost competitive products will be targeted for price sensitive customers. Based on our own German design, we will carry out design improvisation in the plants, mainly for safety, higher productivity and user-friendliness."

He adds, "Based on the requirements of the quarry owners in India, we will also provide customized crushing and screening solutions. This could involve solutions for dust suppression, better product shape and higher conveyor stock pile design. We are also planning to make our products further flexible, precisely in the screens, enabling quicker change of the screening sections."

He further informs, "Product support to ThyssenKrupp crushing and screening solutions is based on 24x7 concepts for customers who desire supported by our dedicated team for maintenance."

NBM&CW January 2017