Dr. Vikram Mehta, Managing Director, Spartan
Spartan: “Our core purpose is to enhance the productivity, speed and safety in the construction and infrastructure Industry by providing advanced mechanized solutions to our customers, thereby saving their money, time and energy,” says Dr. Vikram Mehta, Managing Director, Spartan.

Founded in 1971, Spartan forayed into the field of manufacturing and supplying construction equipment in 2006 and since then the company has displayed a remarkable growth trajectory in construction equipment manufacturing. Safety has been an integral part of its philosophy which guides Spartan to strive hard to be on top of other manufacturers.

Explaining the safety features of its products, Mr. Mehta says, “All our Aviator Series of Multifunctional Material and Passenger hoists come with Centrifugal Safety Device, which activates by centrifugal force and stops the hoist in case the hoist’s speed exceeds a specific speed limit. Many such safety factors are part of our every single machine. Control Panel in the hoist is one of the most advanced features which one would hardly find in any of our competitor.” Moreover, it is provided with flash light for easy visibility, joystick for easy operation and emergency switches. The PLC functions cover lot of indicators like VFD Trip, Limit Switch Failure, Phase failure exit Door, Open Entry Door, Rack Search fault etc. The higher/ premium models also have a display screen, where the actual fault would be displayed for easy identification and repair. It is placed at a strategic position which would be easily viewed by the operator. These machines also come with mechanical lock and electrical sensors in critical areas like entry/ exit door, trap door, erection platform etc. This ensures that hoist does not start if any door is left open. To add to these, overload alarm indicator is also provided as an option. All these safety features make Spartan’s hoists more reliable and competitive.

Aviator Series Passenger Material Hoist
“Our Rope Suspended Platforms also come with various safety features like Anti-Swing Device. Anti Swing Device is one of the most advanced feature of Spartan’s SRP, where it holds on the SRP and avoids swinging of SRP at higher heights and ensures operator’s safety. Our SRP also comes with Roof Attachment, where the SRP and the operator is safe from the falling debris or material from top while working. All these safety features in our machines display our commitment towards customer’s safety at site.”

Mr. Mehta avers, “We will be able to revolutionize and achieve growth slowly. We have a lot of expectations from the prospects ahead in terms of business for our machineries. Moreover, we are also expecting positive growth from high rise constructions which are gaining prominence not just in metros but also in tier-II cities. This also opens new growth avenues. We will be focusing on expanding our reach to these areas by expanding our dealership networks. We already have 8 branch offices. Our focus is also on export business and currently we have a dealer in Dubai and Sri Lanka from where we’re getting good responses.”

SMH 150 rebar attachment

In his concluding remarks, he says that construction Equipment market has always been volatile. Lot of ‘me too’ and substandard cheap imported machineries have been a threat to the Indian market for some time now. But, we understand that only a stable and consistent brand will be the winner in long term. Price War has always been dictating the orders, but we haven’t moved away from being the safest and the most reliable brand in construction equipment industry. Being the market leader for more than a decade now, we understand the market requirements very well. Customization in machines has been prevalent for long time. Hence, we do lot of survey and site inspection before we suggest any machine to our customers. Every site calls for different challenges and we provide solutions through our machineries which suits best for every site condition. The best way to attend to cost competitive market is to provide the best value for the cost. We always strive to give maximum value to the customer, so much as to compete on the values offered and not at the cost charged. This keeps us above our competition keeping the customer’s requirement on our top list.

NBM&CW April 2017