Gati Infra Hydel Projects
After entering into an agreement with the Sikkim Government to implement three hydel power projects on BoT basis, Gati Infrastructure Ltd has commissioned its first 110MW hydro electric power plant in Sikkim with an investment of Rs 1150cr. The project in question is 110MW Chuzachen hydro project on Rangpo and Rongli rivers begun to sell power and is the first project by an independent power producer in Sikkim in the North-east. The plant is connected to the Central Transmission Utility (national grid) through a 24km dedicated transmission line and will be able to deliver power across the country. It may be recalled that Gati is a share holder of the company Amrit Jal Ventures Ltd which is implementing two more hydel projects including a 54MW Bhasmey hydro electric project and 71MW Sada Mangdar project.