Road Projects
In an attempt to accelerate the completion of road projects, the highway ministry is all set to follow a mechanism whereby the second or third best bidder may take over a highway development project in case the original developer wants to exit it, despite premium rescheduling. The highway ministry is working on a comprehensive policy to get it examined from the Union Cabinet. But before doing so, there are more issues that need to be resolved like the interest rate of rescheduling the premium. All options for the policy have been taken into account so that it can be part of the overall proposal to be discussed by the cabinet which leads to a clear path on future of projects.

After receiving ministry's nod the final implementation will entirely depend on the approval of other arms of the government such as Finance, Law and Planning Commission, the increase in project costs due to delays in getting regulatory approvals; many companies like GMR, GVK etc have requested NHAI to reschedule their premium payments. Many developers during the fiscal 2011-2012 had bid for projects and offered high premium payouts to the NHAI to build an alluring order book as they expected double digit growth in traffic on the highway stretches to continue for many more years.