Road Projects in Kerala
According to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Transport, the state government in Kerala is neither interested in funding road projects through the public-private-partnership mode, nor wants to take up road and highways projects. In view of this, there is an abnormal delay in completion of land acquisition for the widening and construction of the projects. The committee has recently made a mention in the context of problems in acquiring land for construction and widening of roads. The committee demanded that the State Government does not want to gear up to the prevailing situation and if the State Government wants Central Government-funded highways for development, it has to evolve a middle path between appeasing the general public, bearing burden on the exchequer in terms of rehabilitation and resettlement package, and working with the NHAI and Road Ministry. In addition, the committee has also said that Road Transport Ministry and National Highways Authority of India should spend money to maintain highways in Kerala in the context of low funds for maintenance.