Seer Realty India Operations
The London-based boutique property investment consultancy firm 'Seer Acquisitions' unveiled its India Operation with "Seer Realty" in Delhi recently. The official launch took place in the presence of General Manager - Middle East, Hamilton Butcher, Director UK Trade and Investment at the British High Commission, Barry Lowen and Chairman-Seer Realty, India, Imtiaz Panjwani. In fact, there is a huge potential to provide a clear and transparent service not only to Indian investors living in India who want to invest in the UK real estate market, but also to provide a service to the NRIs based in UK who want to invest back into India. Its current focus is student accommodation in the UK which over the past few years has comfortably out performed every other real estate asset in its class. The student accommodation market is maturing as universities and colleges look to the private sector to fulfill their accommodation requirements. Subsequently, the sector has seen the rise of the purpose built quality residences to meet the glut in supply moving away from the stereotype of below par terraced housing and tired old blocks. Seer Realty will be the first of its kind global facilitator in India to introduce Boutique Residencies — studio apartments for students in an affordable price bracket.