Chennai in Realty
Outsmarting metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi, the international investors are currently looking at newer cities with stable assets for investments and in this context Chennai has virtually become the hot sport as the most preferred city for domestic and international investors and the trend is likely to remain intact in the next financial year as well, PwC said in its recent research report.

According to its recently carried out survey, titled 'Emerging trends in real estate in Asia Pacific 2014', Chennai has for the first time emerged in the top 25 real estate destinations list in the Asia Pacific region. Cities like Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai have been in the top 25 as preferred destinations indicating that there is a slight shift in investors' interest from conventional assets in prime markets to newer and stable assets in niche markets, Executive Director, PwC India Gautam Mehra said recently. Revealing more details of the findings, he added that Bangalore ranked 20th in the list, Delhi stood at 21st, Chennai 22nd and Mumbai 23rd. Bangalore and Mumbai slipped from their positions as compared to 2013 rankings where they stood at 19th and 20th, while Delhi maintained its ranking at 21st position, the report added.