automotive products
In its bid to make available automotive products in a single city, the Tamil Nadu government has decided to set up 1000 hectares ‘Auto City’, which is considered a first of its kind initiative under the automobile and auto component industrial policy of the state government. The government, which is the Partner in Automotive Sector Investment as a JV for domestic and global automotive and auto-component firms, is forming an Automotive Industrial Development Centre (AIDC) offering investment facilitation services to companies willing to invest in the automotive industry. AIDC would help the government put in place appropriate policy framework, support and facilitate its implementation and interventions aimed at making Tamil Nadu a destination for manufacture and export of motor vehicles.

According to official sources, an automotive suppliers park would come up to improve the logistics competitiveness for units set up in it, and an Auto City would have a logistics hub to provide multi modal transport, a design and technological park and common infrastructure such as effluent treatment and waste management utilities. Apart from this, it would also dwell on transport of goods to various ports on 24 hour basis for movement of consignment trucks. That apart, the state government would also promote new auto clusters in Tiruchirapalli, Tirunelveli and Tuticorin districts while the existing ones in Madurai and Coimbatore would be strengthened by injecting a world class facelift. The state has six car manufacturers around Chennai. They are -- US car maker Ford, Korean-auto major Hyundai, Renault Nissan Automotive India, the JV plant set up by France-based Renault and Japan-headquartered Nissan and Germany’s BMW, with a total capacity of 13.80 lakh units per annum.