Power Plant
As far as achieving the laid down targets in the power sector is concerned, the private sector is again much ahead of the public sector with regards to the power capacity addition in the third quarter of the current fiscal with the achievement of nearly 112% of its target against the government’s 58.2% . The government sector’s achievement includes the state owned and the central power companies’ whereby the state sector has been able to achieve 59% of its capacity addition plan by adding 850 mw, the central sector has been able to achieve 57.4% supplementing 1,265 mw in the third quarter. The private sector power companies added 1,815 mw during the same period. However, in its entirety, the capacity addition by the fiscal end is expected to be half of the target with the ministry reporting a capacity addition of 8,728 mw up to December 31 as against the target of adding 18,432 mw by the fiscal end. Similarly, the capacity addition for the nine months period has been 60%, and the laid down target up to December was 14,466.3 mw.