India Most Trusted
India is not just turning out to be the most sought after investment destination in the world, but it has also moved up the ranks as the second most trusted country in the world in terms of faith reposed on its institutions even as globally trust levels have fallen down drastically, a recent research by public relations firm Edelman has found that general level of trust in institutions among college-educated people around the globe has gone up sharply.

In fact, trust in institutions in India has improved in 2015 as the country moves up three notches to the second place among 27 nations. India, which last year saw BJP-led NDA government storming to power at the Centre currently stands tall in stark contrast of an alarming evaporation of trust that has happened across institutions, reaching the lows during Great Recession in 2009. From fifth most trusted in 2014, India has now become the second-most trusted in 2015 with a score of 79% in the barometer and that the study has put Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's image on the front page.