In its bid to make the most out of the emerging business opportunities in the Indian smart city projects, Cisco has sharpened its plans to push its business in the country to new highs by prioritizing the area not just to serve the domestic market but also cater to the global requirement in the segment, Chief Technology & Strategy Officer Padmasree Warrior, said in a recent media statement and added that its 8,000-strong engineering team in Bengaluru is working on enabling Smart City solutions, innovating in core products and also supporting the larger product areas that the company is focusing on globally, including data centre, cloud, security, mobility services and internet of things. In short, the overall priorities for Cisco India are growth, innovation and building its talent base in the country.

In its entirety, Cisco as a player is transitioning from a networking company to an IT leader catering to the requirements of the smart city projects as it has structured its product, sales and service teams differently and also built different things and sold them differently. Dwelling in details, she added that the company has a very unique innovation strategy that has four components — build, buy, partner and integrate and is always open to ideas, not just from within but also from elsewhere in the world. In India, with its partnership with L&T in the IoT space and with ITL in the area of transportation for smart city deployment, it integrates its solutions with the partner solution to enable co-innovation. Out of the $40-million India Fund to invest in early-stage firms Cisco announced last year, two investments have already been made – one in Covacsis, a Mumbai-based software company that provides IoT solutions for manufacturing and another in Hyderabad-based IoT chip company, Ineda, she claimed.