Gamesa Wind Energy
In order to expand its portfolio in the clean energy segment, Wind energy turbine manufacturing giant, Gamesa, in a recent development has inked a deal with Greenko for adding 300MW additional wind power capacity. The Independent Power Producer, Greenko, currently commands a combined portfolio of 600MW and that Gamesa has also cemented its position in the wind turbine manufacturing space in the country, said official sources claiming that the latest order will see Gamesa use its specially designed low wind turbines, the G97-2.0MW - T-104, with extended hub height capable of capturing more energy from the available low wind sites across the country.

In fact, of the 300MW agreements, work on the first phase of 160MW is currently in full swing and the project is expected to be commissioned by June 2015. They said detailing that the terms and conditions of the agreement are that Gamesa will supply, erect and commission 80 of the company's G97-2.0MW - T-104m wind turbines at Jaisalmer region in Rajasthan and Basavana Bagewadi in Karnataka. Whereas, the second phase of 140MW is expected to be secured by April 2015 wherein Gamesa will supply 70 of its G97-2.0MW – T-104 turbines for sites in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh and the project is slated for completion by September 2015. To date, Gamesa has signed a total of 600MW with Greenko and the latest agreement fortified the partnership between the two clean energy players further.