NEC Smart Cities
With experience of having worked on several smart projects, including in Singapore and at several stadiums in Brazil, NEC, a leader in integration of information technology and network technologies, is reported to be in advanced talks with several states to work on the smart city project. It is already working with the Gujarat government for a security project in Surat, primarily on CCTV surveillance and forensic criminal investigation. NEC is also discussing with the government for Delhi Metro Rail Corporation project.

Koichiro Koide, managing director, NEC India, said, "The company would like to collaborate with at least 20 cities in the country, offering solutions for security of a city, biometrics and those related to energy, transport, logistics and environment, depending on case-to-case requirements," adding the company would invest in two digit million dollars though the amount could go up depending on the scale of the business.

100 cities to be developed as smart cities are yet to be chosen through a competition in which Ajmer, Allahabad, Visakhapatnam and Varanasi are expected to make it to the final list.