PERI UP Scaffolding
The most important consideration regarding the design of a new scaffold system is to ensure that the users are protected against falling when entering the next level. On this basis, the PERI UP T 72 / T 104 frame scaffolding was developed which realised these requirements by integrating the guardrail in advance idea into the system.

The requirements placed on a modular scaffold system – highest possible flexibility, low weight while at the same time providing a high load capacity and better handling – were fulfilled by PERI through the development of the PERI UP Rosett: the rosette nodes facilitate easy and safe assembly.

PERI GuardRail and Gravity Lock
The guardrail in advance provides a very high level of safety for fast working during the erection and dismantling of the frame scaffolding. The Gravity Lock facilitates fast erection of the modular scaffold. The rosette node connection is extremely rigid with a high loading capacity.

By inserting the wedge head into the rosette, the wedge drops by force of gravity into the hole and then locks. Combined with UDI decking, this version provides an extremely flexible modular scaffolding suitable for many applications – from shoring for high loads through to industrial scaffolding with the highest safety requirements.

NBMCW October 2015