HANSA-TMP Srl, presents its new range of Axial piston pumps in two series with pressure of 400 to 450 bars.

Martin Fleischfresser
HANSA-TMP Srl, a hydraulics company based in Modena, Italy, was present with its new range of Axial piston pumps in two series with pressure of 400 to 450 bars. The pump can operate in difficult conditions such as steep slopes and extreme temperatures in construction and mining industries. The control and sensors can be customized to application-specific needs to ensure maximum safety, and its noiseless operation makes it suitable in urban areas as well. Also on display was a series of gear floor dividers, radial piston flow dividers, hydraulic rotary couplings, multiple pump drives gearbox, etc, for application in engineering machinery and in drilling machines.

Hansa Axial piston pumps
The company assists in developing prototype machines and in setting up technical projects with its complete hydraulic kit. "The radial pistons are designed for loading platforms in the metallurgical industry and the hand pumps for lifting platforms in the wind power sector," informs Martin Fleischfresser, Sales Area Manager.

The HANSA-TMP brand has been present worldwide for more than 32 years, offering ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified products and processes as well operation sustainability. "In the Indian Market we are currently catering to over 100 OEMs. We prefer to manufacture in Italy only as we can access the raw materials directly from suppliers there, and monitor their quality closely. During these years, we have developed over 10,000 products with a strong focus on high quality, so we want our suppliers to be near our manufacturing base," says Fleischfresser.

The Indian market is an attractive one for the company as its products have found a ready acceptance for their quality, ease of operation, and applicability in all kinds of industries, terrains and temperatures. "We entered into the Indian market in 2004 and from 2008 we have been growing by 30% year-on-year basis. We have distributors in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, Raipur, and Kolkata, and are looking to increase their number across the country. We are confident of further growth in India as investments in the CE industry are strong currently," he adds.

NBM&CW January 2017