An Insurance Policy for Equipment's SAE J518 and ISO 6162:1 flanges


With the changing demands and arduous environment, customers are looking for products that can reduce the costly repairs and perform better in the demanding operating conditions. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, with decades of experience in providing innovative solutions has introduced Zurcon® DRV5 Flange Seal, which acts as an insurance policy for Equipment's SAE J518 and ISO 6162:1 flanges.

The Zurcon® DRV5 flange seal showcases an advanced seal design that provides safe and leak-free flange connections in hydraulics, press manufacturing, and materials handling applications. Additionally, the Zurcon® DRV5 flange seal is designed to work with standardized SAEJ518 and ISO 6162:1 flanges.

Zurcon® is the renowned brand for the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions range of engineered plastic-based materials. Its friction characteristics make it ideal for reciprocating, very slow rotating and oscillating situations in which high wear resistance is required.

The Zurcon® DRV5 flange seal is constructed from Zurcon® Z20 which features superb resistance properties. The advanced seal design, combined with proven Zurcon® Z20 materials, allow the Zurcon®DRV5 flange seal to prevent extrusion and nibbling, eliminate micro-pumping leakage, and increase duty cycles. The benefits of the Zurcon® DRV5 flange seal deliver excellent value and performance for SAEJ518 and ISO 6162:1 equipment flanges.

The Operating temperature range of -35 °C to +110 °C / -31 °F to +230 °F for standard Z20 version; -50 °C to +110 °C / -58 °F to +230 °F for Z22 version. The seal is easy to assemble and is available in standard dimensions.

NBM&CW October 2017